From Four to Friend to Foe

Ah yes, the infamous +4 card. I recognize this card very well. Well, I did, back when I used to have friends. A couple jolly ol’ friends sitting around a table sipping pop and playing some cards. Oh yeah, those were the times. But back to the +4 card. Honestly, they should’ve renamed the card to -4 because you’re guaranteed to lose all four of your friends that you’re playing with to this card. I guess +4 makes sense because +4 people who hate your guts.

Personally, board games, card games, and table top games were probably one of the highlights of my childhood. I would probably play a type of game at least a few times a week with my family. Eventually it became more than a past time after dinner but rather a tradition. The games ranged from the ones listed in the articles like Uno to Chess to Risk. Therefore reading this article made me feel more nostalgic rather than anything. All the feelings of awkward jealousy yet respect after losing a chess game came back while reading about Chess. Every moment of ganging up and sabotage came back while reading about Risk. I went through a roller coaster of feelings and memories through this article. Even if board games never meant that much to you, everyone has played at least one card or table top game. If you haven’t then you are in the right place. After reading this blog, decide for yourself whether board games are a psychological scam or a genius mind food and decide if you want to join the fun and chaos or not.

I think that the text is really well written and the author clearly played or has great knowledge regarding the games he wrote about. The author touches perfectly on the purpose of games and what actually results from them. “Games are supposed to be fun, to increase the bonds between people” however they usually end up laying “waste to love and friendship”. I think the author very accurately describes each table top game, how people usually play them, and how people usually feel or end up feeling by the end.

I believe that the author has probably experienced multiple incidents that has gone to chaos while playing table top games. The author is probably an expert at manipulation and sabotage by now because of these games. I believe the text gives the readers in brief a really solid overview of each table top game. Now the audience knows what exactly to expect not only from the game itself but from their friends. However I believe the results and causes and effects of the game is inevitable.

From personal experience, I know that everything the text claims is 100% legit. In my many years of playing table top games, the only thing the games accomplished was either evoke anger, fights, awkward jealousy, or occasional excitement. When I was younger, I always wondered why someone would create a game that would make people want to gouge another person’s eyes out. Then as I got older, I noticed that board games are simply a link between business and psychology. Therefore after reading the text, I know for sure that humans quickly forget the downs they feel while playing games and mainly associate the games to the overwhelming good that they rarely feel. If people can play the games again without any reluctance then that proves that people weigh the pros higher than the cons. It all lies in a human’s perception of risk and reward. The higher the risk, the higher one appreciates, or craves the reward regardless of the actual value of the prize. In theory, it is the risk that humans crave and the nerve wracking excitement that comes along for the ride. For instance, at an amusement park, humans would wait in line for 30 minutes for a 30 second roller coaster ride. Meanwhile in line, they would complain about the wait but right after the ride, they would run to the next line and completely forget about what they had just previously said. The risk and excitement during the previous ride completely erases all the cons and forces the person unconsciously weigh the reward higher than the risks or cons.

At the end of the day, we can all agree on one thing, who needs friends when you’re Monopoly rich?


4 thoughts on “From Four to Friend to Foe

  1. Is this one of the two posts? There needs to be an article that you read and reflect on. That buzzfeed list is cool and you can blog about it but it doesn’t count as one of the articles you need to read


  2. Love “psychological scam” and posing question to the reader whether or not to join the “Chaos”. I am in. Love board games, particularly chess. My dad growing up actually played in tournaments (I’ve never beaten him unless it’s a super quick timed game or he spotted me a rook).


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